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We have been nominated for Eat Drink Be Local’s “We Heart Local BC Food & Drink Contest!” You can vote for us by clicking this link:


Want to learn more about Eat Drink Be Local?
Here is a transcript from their website!

“Local Philosophy”

To us being local is about being part of a larger community. It’s about making a connection with the person who grew, caught, brewed or created the food we eat. It’s choosing to fill our shopping carts with food that’s grown nearby with the belief that closer to home means, fresher, tastier and healthier. It’s buying fruits and vegetables in season, drinking wines from vineyards in our region and supporting independent, locally owned stores. It’s choosing the local catch of the day off the menu or walking a little further to buy fresh bread and cheese made by local artisans. It’s making the farmers markets part of our weekly shopping routine, and finding new ways to cook what we bring home. It’s about choice and ultimately being part of something bigger.

We don’t believe being local is about hardship or deprivation – it’s not an all or nothing commitment.  It’s about making small changes that add up to something bigger and in turn make a positive impact on your community.  For some people, local will be a 250-mile-radius, for others it will be a 100-mile-radius and for a lucky few, it will be their own backyard.

Local to us represents a mindset and a deliberate intent to get the freshest food and drink we can from a local source.

Join us on our quest to go local. Sign up today, it’s free!

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Grab your helmet and elbow pads!

July 10, 2011 Comments Off on Grab your helmet and elbow pads!

Everybody remembers their first time riding a bike. Even though we fell off many times, we still got back on. Now that the weather is beautiful, we can get back on those bicycles once again!


My first experiences riding a bike were much smoother than my sister’s. I seemed to have no trouble in the transition from four to two wheels. Ali, my sister, was not so fortunate. Almost immediately after getting on the seat she would crash into the sidewalk. People would comment on how mean our cat must be to scratch up a sweet little child like her. They had no idea it was actually our front shrubs attacking my sister. Even though her face and the pavement often became one, she always peeled herself off and got back on.

Recently, my sister and I took up cycling again. However, the roles have reversed as now I am the one crashing rather than breaking. Rarely do I make it past my front gate and I certainly know better than to get out into the world just yet with my minor biking skills. But, like my sister when she was younger, I continue trying. As painful as it can be in the beginning, choosing to ride a bicycle provides much gain in the long run.

At A Bread Affair, we are blessed with a staff that cares about the environment and well-being of others. The majority of our bake staff rides a bicycle to work, and a considerable number of our other employees do as well. Our market staff gets to enjoy the bicycle culture as well; cycling is growing increasingly popular with the regulars of the farmer’s markets. A huge plus: many of the farmer’s markets include bike racks and even free engraving so if your bike gets stolen, are able to get it back. The West End Farmer’s Market often has a small group of police officers volunteering their time to provide security for any one with a bike. They engrave an I.D. number into the side which is an incredibly quick process. All Vancouver Farmer’s Markets promote bike-riding They have lots of information and can be reached here: .

Cycling has also been credited with numerous health benefits. It is a great exercise because the body weight is supported and it does not create the pounding on joints that jogging and running tend to do. And nobody can deny the feeling of recaptured youth that comes along with hopping on a bike!

Here is a top 5 list of the benefits of biking:

  1. Reduces the risk of many health issues and risks (including stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, and obesity – to name a few)
  2. Relaxes the body and mind; increases mental well-being
  3. A chance to go on scenic adventures! BC is a great place for a cyclist. Explore the world around you!
  4. Inexpensive – as long as you have a good bike lock!
  5. Cycling creates virtually no pollution. If you reduce, reuse, recycle, and re-gift you unused bike and/or bike parts, you will have a pollution-free mode of transportation.

(This list was gathered from information provided by the website: )

And it’s not just cycling shorts and reflective wear! Due to the status as an “It” accessory among the trendy crowd, bike-sensible clothing has become more than Neil Armstrong-esque spandex. Bike-and-style blogs are all over the internet, inspiring the average cyclist to try new things with their wardrobe that are still functional for riding a bike. Containing a smorgasbord of style inspiration, Vancouver Style Chic is highly recommended, transforming any bland biking wardrobe into a runway one wheels.

Check it out!

Not only is our bread natural, but our vehicles too!

June 26, 2011 Comments Off on Not only is our bread natural, but our vehicles too!

Since April, we’ve been using vehicles that use natural gas – widely known as the cleanest burning fossil fuel. Many of you may know natural gas as a stove-top burner, but natural gas also has many benefits outside of the kitchen. Natural gas vehicles produce 20% less greenhouse gas than standard gas vehicles, a number that may seem small, but on a large scale it has enormous benefits. The combustion of natural gas emits close to 30% less carbon dioxide than oil, and barely under 45% less carbon dioxide than coal. Due to this, an environmental problem like acid rain (which destroys forests, wildlife, and crops) is greatly diminished. Natural gas does not pollute underground water or the ground when it is burned, a problem other forms of energy have been seen to have.

With Canada being the third largest producer of natural gas, using this form of energy also supports the Canadian economy. 98% of the natural gas consumed in North America is produced here! Even better, using natural, Canadian gas reduces the dependence of foreign oil. This also means that the oil does not need to be transported great distances. Natural gas is also convenient. Pipelines run underground and are widely available. More and more gas stations are offering natural gas as one of their available fuels for public sale, making the transition from gasoline to natural gas even easier. Another convenience is the price; while gas prices continue going up and are expected to reach $1.50 this summer, natural gas prices are declining.

Natural gas is safe. We have the safest mode of energy transportation in the current world and the companies are committed to safety. They have emergency response plans and keep communication open between the local communities and producers of the oil.

Natural gas is composed primarily of methane, and the products of combustion are carbon dioxide and water vapour- the same product of respiration within our bodies! The combustion of natural gas does not give off ash, unlike oil. Build-up of smoke contributes to “smoggy summer days” and numerous health issues.

While natural gas has many benefits, it is important to also mention the cons. Since natural gas is a fossil fuel, it is non-renewable and a finite source of energy. It has been estimated that natural gas can support our energy demands for up to 100 years, although better sources of energy should be widely available by then. Another con of natural gas is that long pipelines will need to be built, which can disrupt eco-systems. Regarding natural gas as a fuel for transportation compared to the standard gasoline, less mileage is provided.

Luckily, there is a great amount of information available on natural gas, so it is quite easy to form your own opinions on it. At the moment, it is the cleanest, most cost-effective and reliable source of energy. We use it because it produces just a fraction of the greenhouse gases and pollutants that other fossil fuels do.

Please look at the following links for more information. They provide information of both the pros and cons of using natural gas.–safety.aspx  and

Some girl in yoga pants is looking at me funny…

June 25, 2011 Comments Off on Some girl in yoga pants is looking at me funny…

Let’s take it to the cheese counter, Humboldt Fog?

This video may reminds many of how hard it is to park in a Whole Foods Parking lot! Sit back and enjoy this music video that captures an ordinary experience at your local Whole Foods.

Organized Chaos

June 21, 2011 Comments Off on Organized Chaos

If you’re looking for an adventurous job, I have just the job for you. No, this is not about skydiving or mountain climbing but actually work in a bakery. We are a rapidly expanding bakery in which every day is a new challenge. We are the only certified organic artisan bakery in British Columbia. With this, the demand for our bread has sky rocketed. We produce a phenomenal product that takes two days to create and honestly the best bread you will ever have, period. So how does A Bread Affair keep up with the changing demands? With devoted staff members and a ton of hard work, of course! This is where I enter in. My name is Sam. I have worked at A Bread Affair for over two years. I started at the bottom and worked my way through the company and fell into the position of general manager. Sadly, I am heading out east for school and will have to find someone to fill my shoes. Like any developing business you have to work hard. You are working alongside people who are as invested in the company’s success as physically and mentally as possible and you must match their pace. You must work as equals alongside everyone. Departments would include pick pack and distribution, farmer’s markets, and front of house. Although the work may appear to be overwhelming the amount of support you receive from co-workers is tremendous. Problem solving is a daily tool that you would use, but being pro-active and recognizing problems before they occur is essential. Managing is a fine balance that must create an environment that works for everyone. This is a perfect job for recent university graduates. If you are interested in the experience of being a general manager for a growing company email me your resume at and let’s see if you can organize the chaos.

A Trip to Wine Country…

June 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

  With the sunshine beaming in the air, this reminds all that summer is just a few weeks away from approaching us with scorching temperatures, sunburns & spare time. Leaving everyone in the Fraser Valley wondering what to do on a beautiful & breath taking Saturday.

Many of us forget that we do not have to travel far to taste the luscious taste of hand crafted wine. A trip to wine country is closer than many may think, close enough without leaving your neighborhood. With the abundance of cranberries, blueberries & raspberries in the valley the Fort Wine Co. founded in 2001 started with just a cranberry wine  & 10 years later they now offer customers a wide variety of 11 different wines while supporting local berry farmers and fruit farmers across British Columbia.

The unique part of the wine that is produced by the Fort Wine Co. is all their wines are grape free and are made from local British Columbia fruit. The winery offers a amazing up close experience from wine tastings with decadent cheese platters to drinking under the sun sipping away at fresh sangria’s.

The Fort Wine Co. is open till 6pm 7 days a week, and offers customers to sample 3 of their wines for free! Also offered is the chance to try their full menu of wines as while as their dessert wines for only $5.00. The winery also offers tours and event hosting.

This unique experience, is closer to home than most may think. A afternoon tasting decadent wines measures up close to a long drive to tour the wine fields in the Okanagan.

Buying Local

May 22, 2011 Comments Off on Buying Local

One of my favorite past times is going to the Farmers Markets. With the opening of the fabulous Kitsilano Farmers Market is has sparked some interest to share the benefits of buying locally sourced food.

The ostensible economic benefits of buying local are fairly simple: It cuts out the middleman, puts more money into the local economy, and reduces transportation costs and environment-destroying, energy-wasting long hauls.

Now this might be a lot to swallow in one gulp, however when it comes down to buying local it’s a win, win situation. For starters, the middleman doesn’t live in Middle Earth. He’s often local and dependent upon large companies with better economies of scale to provide him with products he can afford to buy wholesale and for which there is a large enough market to resell profitably.

As for local money staying in the local economy, when you walk into your least-favorite national chain store, no one working behind the counter is likely to be someone who you have developed a relationship with, well maybe but try walking into a locally owned store and you will feel the difference instantly.

If the farmer next door happens to be Monsanto, you rethink buying local. What buying local really means is buying boutique-branded artisanal products that are crafted with tender loving care by actual human beings.

Witness the success of the slightly-more-expensive-but-supposedly-made-with-love-by-seemingly-small-companies Muir Glen, Kashi, and Odwalla — owned by General Mills, Kellogg, and Coca-Cola, respectively. Large corporations certainly aren’t unaware of local appeal and are happy to exploit it as a marketing tool.

The challenge for the socially conscious consumer is to determine whether a “local” purchase actually achieves what it’s supposed to achieve — a decision that should be made without fear of death and dismemberment.

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