5 Most Common Phrases @ Farmers Market

July 19, 2010 Comments Off on 5 Most Common Phrases @ Farmers Market

The wonderful Brooke was at the Port Coquitlam Farmers Market on Thursday July, 15th. Here she has come up with the top 5 most common phrases that Brooke heard at the market that day!

1. OH MY……..Roasted Garlic and Cheese!

2. What’s Spelt?

3. I’ll get a seeee-a-bat-ta! “ciabatta”

4. Oooohhhh Quinoa in bread!!!

5. I’ve never seen a whole wheat sourdough before……..

So if you were caught at the Farmers Market saying these phrases do not fret we have provided you with answers or facts in regards to your phrases!

1. Yes we understand your excitement towards the mouth drooling Roasted Garlic & Cheese you can find it at every Farmers Market for a amazing price of $6.00!

2. Spelt is an ancient grain that is wheat free! Believe it or not folks this bread will leave your stomach feeling as light as a feather! Our Spelt is made with a combination of whole spelt and unbleached white spelt flours creating a delightful loaf of bread.

3. Yes it is called CIABATTA! The beautiful Italian slipper bread that is thin chewy crusted bread so light and airy it is like eating a cloud.

4. Our newest edition to A Bread Affairs family it the Quinoa Sprouted Almond and Date round loaf. This “superfood bread” is ideal for athletes and greased up body builders looking for a quick recovery after that long workout. Need protein….look for this wonderful bread!

5. It is not an illusion believe me! This is the only whole wheat sourdough that you will find in British Columbia. 100% organic and bold enough to handle a sandwich.


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