Hot Hot HOT Tamale!!!

August 3, 2010 Comments Off on Hot Hot HOT Tamale!!!

This hot long weekend Sam & Cindy were off to the wonderful West End Market! And YES they live to tell their story!

I’ve had the opportunity to work lots of different markets from Gastown to White Rock. This year, along with Steveston and Ladner , I get to work the West End Farmers Market. Each market I have been to have a different energy even though the focus still remains on the community and getting the public excited about local food!  Today while working at the West End, I had time to think what makes West End different from the other markets and what makes myself enjoy it so much! Below is a list of my favorite things about the West End Farmers Market. Enjoy!

1. It looks like a scene from a French film at any given point. We have men carrying our traditional french baguettes under their arms, ladies in sundresses walking beside their bikes with fresh bouquets of flowers in their baskets and crepes being consumed by all!

2. The dogs that stroll by the market

3. The devoted regulars that greet me before the market starts, as they wait patiently for the bell to ring! A shout out to Mr.Ciabatta, Mr.Sourdough, Mr.Whole Wheat Sourdough, and Ms.Apricot Walnut Raisin, I do not know your names however I do know your face and what your favorite loaf is! One of our all time favourites of the week is Mr.2-Baguettes because he always announces his order with such enthusiasm!

4. The coffee-mobile & apple chips

5. The nicest bunch of vendors. They are always there to lend a helping hand and guide the big vehicles that are backing up from hitting unsuspecting pedestrians and fellow vendors!

Thanks to all that made this weeks West End Farmers Market a success once again! Come out next Saturday from 9am-2pm! See you all there or be square!


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