Down by the Bay…

August 16, 2010 Comments Off on Down by the Bay…

What an interesting day down under at another Granville Farmers Market. Today I had the chance to venture off to the unique island beneath Vancouver. I was not alone for this adventure, I had my companion Brittany right beside my side. The sun was beaming and there was no cloud in sight. In no time our booth was set up for business! Within seconds we had wonderful blueberries in our hands from our neighbor to the left of us; blueberry farmers from Mission. We ate the blueberries too fast to even get a picture of them. The day went on, sales were good and then a sudden surprise came our way. It was a mysterious creature with a bag on his head. Walking around the market with a lost look on his face. For your convenience we captured a picture of this magical creature for all to see. We discovered that not only do Canadians enjoy our bread however Americans, Australians and yes do I even dare to say it….Europeans do also. It was wonderful day from 9-3 and we will return once again! Don’t miss us next Thursday August 19th from 3-7. Catch you there!


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