Dai Gay’s Birthday. Meet the Bakers.

September 12, 2010 Comments Off on Dai Gay’s Birthday. Meet the Bakers.

At A Bread Affair, birthday’s are always revered…after all, that means there is cake! On Thursday, after all the morning bakers have left for the day, two of our pastry bakers worked secretly. I stumbled across this when leaving the office to the front of the house for some coffee and I saw them mixing this fantastic mixture in a silver mixing bowl. “What’s all this then?” I curiously asked, trying not to salivate.

“We’re making a cake for Dai Gay, it’s her birthday!”

“Really, I didn’t realize it was!”

“No one is sure, but it’s going to be a surprise!”

Regardless, both Aby and Gladys worked on constructing a delicious raspberry mousse cake with fresh raspberries sprinkled on top. The next day the entire staff sneaked off individually to sign the birthday card. Dai Gay left at the end of the shift and she was told that she had to come back to “help out with something”. The rest of the bakers patiently waited for her return.

When she did return, everybody was excited to see her. The cake came out with sparklers and everybody loudly, and of course off-key, sung “Happy Birthday” to one of our favourite bakers.

Little did I know that this birthday was particularly special for Dai Gay, in that, even though it was her 23rd birthday, this was the first one she had ever celebrated.  Even better, she really isn’t sure of the day herself, as it wasn’t recorded.

Dai Gay is one of our bakers in production here at A Bread Affair.  Her smile lights up a room and everybody adores her. She can mould the dough like nobody’s business, can lift our 30 lb proofing boards over her head, and even though she looks small, can be a little tank. Dai Gay was born in the jungles of Burma, spent time in refugee camps in Thailand before she came to Canada with her brothers and sisters.  And are we ever happy she is here.



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