Crancrazieeeness Festival!

October 16, 2010 Comments Off on Crancrazieeeness Festival!

It was a beautiful Saturday morning as the sun rose over the mountains surrounding historic Fort Langley. A Bread Affair was off to the 2010 Cranberry Festival. Richard and myself met up with Tanya and Kristi who were already meeting the customers demand for our mouth watering bread! This special day we not only had our organic breads we included cranberry almond scones and cranberry shortbread cookies. The cranberry craziness did not end there with our highly stocked cranberry semolina! My job was to sample and to get everyone to try our delicious bread the catch was wearing a turkey hat! This wonderful accessory brought many attention to our booth. Two benefits:

1. They had the wonderful opportunity to try our cranberry semolina

2. They had a chance to take a picture with the crazy turkey head (aka me!)

With over 30,000 people that visited the wonderful Cranberry Festival it was a proven success! With over 30 racks of bread we were blessed to sell out! The first bread to sell out…of course the amazing Cranberry Semolina! At the end of the day it was pouring rain but remember nothing stops turkey head from a having a good time!


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