Farewell Summer Markets, Hello Winter Markets

October 26, 2010 Comments Off on Farewell Summer Markets, Hello Winter Markets

The leaves are resting on the bare ground as they turn warm orange, sweet yellows and calming browns. It is that beautiful time of the year again, where the air is crisp and the sun rests in the fog. Yes it is fall and a chapter has finished once again here at A Bread Affair. The summer Farmer Markets came to an end this past weekend; Trout Lake, West End, & Kitsilano were the last goodbye to an era of fun and excitement.  Only in Coquitlam are they brave enough to have a market on Hallowe’en Weekend!

I interviewed Samantha Whelen, Team Leader for the Farmers Markets at A Bread Affair.  This is what she had to say about the wonderful season of Farmer Markets. “Yesterday at West End and Trout Lake Farmer Markets both of them sold out really early around 12:30 pm.  It seems that market regulars have stocked up their pantry in anticipation of the break between the Summer Markets and the Winter Market season!”  Samantha has been doing the Farmer Markets for a long time now and I asked her what she is going to miss the most. “Driving to the markets with a van (called Shady) where she would fit two markets in one van, driving crammed and listening to the non-existent radio.”  She will also miss the wonderful crepes. At her last West End Market, she asked the Crepe vendor to make her a surprise. This is what he came up with: a pear, nutella, coconut, and banana crepe. Delicious if you ask me!  The vendor that she will miss mostly is Aji Gourmet Products because of all the samples of wonderful guacamole she received.

One of the strangest memories of Samantha’s as the Farmer Markets would be Richard of Goulda’s Pesto. He would always call her “his niece or aunt.” She never understood why he called her that but just shrugged it off and stared at his bucket hat on this top of his head. Another vendor that will be greatly missed by Sam is the Pickle People at the Ladner Market. They loved the 100 mile bread and she will remember them as a bunch of rowdy kids.

The customers are the key to any market and Sam will remember them with a smile. Of course, some are more of a character than others.  Sam will remember Mr. Two Baguettes (was always super enthusiastic), Mr. Two Loaves of Spelt (never in a bag but rather in his bare hands), Mr. Early Riser Ciabatta, & Mrs. Miche (who always helped to start the line up at our booth right at 9 am). So what is Sam going to do with all her spare time, now that the summer farmer markets are done for the season? “Being able to sleep in on a Saturday or Sunday and not spending my whole pay cheque at the market.  I think I made enough to break even, but nothing can stop me from going to the markets on my spare time.  This is where I can find the finest ingredients for the best meals I’ve made.  I hope my boyfriend appreciates it!”  I had to ask what she is not going to miss about the Farmer Markets and this is what she said, “A Bread Affair bakes great bread so we often sold out.  But trying to sell the very last loaf of bread was sometimes difficult.” Another memory Sam will not miss is, “Getting rejected when handing out samples.”

As they say, one door closes and another opens, and while we are sad to say good-bye to summer, this years winter markets are starting 6 November 2010.  With 4 winter markets this year (Vancouver at Nat Bailey Stadium, Coquitlam at Port Moody Rec Centre, New West at Holy Trinity Cathedral, and Steveston at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery).  Sam won’t be getting any of that extra sleep anytime soon! This is the first time Vancouver Farmers Market will be going on every weekend at Nat Bailey Stadium with space for almost twice the vendors as a Summer Trout Lake or Kitsilano day. Check out our blog for more information on the winter farmer markets!


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