Farewell Jessica

October 31, 2010 Comments Off on Farewell Jessica

Autumn is here, the leaves have fallen and Jessica’s plane ticket has been bought back to England. It was a wonderful 3 months that Jessica has been here at A Bread Affair and now she must return back to England. Two weeks ago Jessica received her Degree in animal science at the University of . We had a few minutes with Jessica on her last shift and asked her some questions about her time here at the bakery.

What was your favorite part about your experience here at A Bread Affair?

Simply the people are the best part. I have not worked at a job were everyone has permanent smiles on their faces.

Can you share your favorite memory from your experience here at A Bread Affair?

It would have to be the farmers market. To be able to work somewhere, were you can work in a store environment but also work outside in the fresh air with delightful customers everyone is something special. One memory that especially sticks out at the farmers markets was at the Granville Farmers Market the seagulls would frequently fight over the samples that fell on the ground. “It was always a fight for the fittest.”

As her plane jets off we will remember Jessica’s smile, sarcastic English humor and her witty personality. Good luck in your future endeavors Jessica!


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