All Hallow Eve’s at A Bread Affair

November 1, 2010 Comments Off on All Hallow Eve’s at A Bread Affair

Yesterday the ghouls and goblins came out to play here at A Bread Affair. With a full moon beaming in the sky, Kelsey tells the story of her last Coquitlam Summer Market…Halloween Style.

Kelsey’s day in Coquitlam was full of joy but a bit of sadness since she had to say goodbye to her friends as she packed up the last Coquitlam Summer Market. The day was full of cute kids dressed up as hotdogs, hamburgers, and princesses who went crazy for all her candy.

Just before 2 o’clock as the market was winding down, Kelsey was putting out some more bread and as such, she had her back turned from the counter.  Since the market was fairly quiet, she heard what she thought was sniffling.

She turned around and saw the cutest little girl in a frilly dress, white knee high stockings, mary jane shoes and her hair in ringlets.  Kelsey thought that is was a bit of an odd costume, but when Kelsey noticed the tears, she asked “What’s wrong Honey?”

The little girl blinked, wiped her nose and turned and walked away.  Kelsey saw that she was alone and this concerned her.  Where were her parents?  Kelsey called out to her, but the little girl just kept walking.

Kelsey was worried enough that she had to follow the little girl and find her parents.  So Kelsey turned around to grab her cashbox (she really is such a conscientious girl) and when she left the booth to follow the little girl, she was gone!

Kelsey asked her friends, Bonnie from Qualicum Cheese and Karen from Kics Lemonade if they had seen the little girl, but neither of them did.  When Kelsey went to the Market Booth and asked if anyone reported a lost child, they told her that no one had.

Had Kelsey imagined it???

We hope that everyone’s Halloween was safe and very very scary!!!


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