A Day in the Life…

November 29, 2010 Comments Off on A Day in the Life…

Running a bakery is glamorous, right? Remember the scene in “It’s Complicated”?   Coming in after closing, making chocolate croissants, romance on the production bench?
It really is like that, it is.   Really.

I expected my week to go fairly smooth. I had some social media things to deal with, I was going to be in for 8:30 to go shopping at Home Depot to buy supplies for bread display racks. But wait. I received my first phone call this morning just after 6:00 am that one of our drivers didn’t show up for his shift this morning. Not a one of the other 3 drivers on staff answered their phones this morning. So that left one of the owners to do the early delivery.

Upon my arrival at the bakery, I am told:

– the water meter is dispensing water at a trickle
– the driver who was to deliver 2 orders, one to White Rock, one to New  West is still not back after 4 hours
– above driver did not deliver to New West because they don’t open receiving until 8 am, so that is 4 hours to deliver one order.
– we are out of cranberries
– one of my pickers tells me she cannot work this Saturday, and I don’t have the staff to fill the shift.
– I need to have Christmas cookies on the shelf by Wednesday and I haven’t even started yet. Maybe some fairies will come in the middle of the night and make them for me.

So now I need to find a way to deliver to New West, actually I need to put together that order again because the first driver still isn’t back yet.

I have an interviewee waiting for me. I wasn’t told about this. The store isn’t set up yet, production is behind, and I still need to deal with lumber for the bread racks. It isn’t even 10 o’clock yet.

Romantic?   I love it!


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