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December 20, 2010 Comments Off on The Breadies

A Bread Affair celebrated Christmas last night and threw a huge party! Well not huge but enough to bring smiles to everyone’s face. The night started off with awkward silence but have no fear the silence disappeared and excitement filled the air (with the help of alcohol). Now enough of the fluff and onto A Bread Affair’s first annual BREADIES! Now if you watch the office then you will understand the Breadies are a spin off the Dundies. Now as for the awards we decided to give golden breads..yes the creative juices were flowing. So below are a list of the awards that were given out last night:

– Don’t go in there after me award – Pat McCarthy

-Best muscle shirt tucked into pants award – Brian Teal

-Best Ponytail – Edie

-Best Halloween Costume – Kelsey

-Best Freak of Nature – Kristi

-Best Ninja Goldfish Award – Tanya

-Best Tolerance Award – Louisa

-Best Smile Award – Julita

-Jack of all trades – Jose

-Best Mustache Award – Manuel


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