Not only is our bread natural, but our vehicles too!

June 26, 2011 Comments Off on Not only is our bread natural, but our vehicles too!

Since April, we’ve been using vehicles that use natural gas – widely known as the cleanest burning fossil fuel. Many of you may know natural gas as a stove-top burner, but natural gas also has many benefits outside of the kitchen. Natural gas vehicles produce 20% less greenhouse gas than standard gas vehicles, a number that may seem small, but on a large scale it has enormous benefits. The combustion of natural gas emits close to 30% less carbon dioxide than oil, and barely under 45% less carbon dioxide than coal. Due to this, an environmental problem like acid rain (which destroys forests, wildlife, and crops) is greatly diminished. Natural gas does not pollute underground water or the ground when it is burned, a problem other forms of energy have been seen to have.

With Canada being the third largest producer of natural gas, using this form of energy also supports the Canadian economy. 98% of the natural gas consumed in North America is produced here! Even better, using natural, Canadian gas reduces the dependence of foreign oil. This also means that the oil does not need to be transported great distances. Natural gas is also convenient. Pipelines run underground and are widely available. More and more gas stations are offering natural gas as one of their available fuels for public sale, making the transition from gasoline to natural gas even easier. Another convenience is the price; while gas prices continue going up and are expected to reach $1.50 this summer, natural gas prices are declining.

Natural gas is safe. We have the safest mode of energy transportation in the current world and the companies are committed to safety. They have emergency response plans and keep communication open between the local communities and producers of the oil.

Natural gas is composed primarily of methane, and the products of combustion are carbon dioxide and water vapour- the same product of respiration within our bodies! The combustion of natural gas does not give off ash, unlike oil. Build-up of smoke contributes to “smoggy summer days” and numerous health issues.

While natural gas has many benefits, it is important to also mention the cons. Since natural gas is a fossil fuel, it is non-renewable and a finite source of energy. It has been estimated that natural gas can support our energy demands for up to 100 years, although better sources of energy should be widely available by then. Another con of natural gas is that long pipelines will need to be built, which can disrupt eco-systems. Regarding natural gas as a fuel for transportation compared to the standard gasoline, less mileage is provided.

Luckily, there is a great amount of information available on natural gas, so it is quite easy to form your own opinions on it. At the moment, it is the cleanest, most cost-effective and reliable source of energy. We use it because it produces just a fraction of the greenhouse gases and pollutants that other fossil fuels do.

Please look at the following links for more information. They provide information of both the pros and cons of using natural gas.–safety.aspx  and


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