Local & Organic Farming

April 24, 2011 Comments Off on Local & Organic Farming

Since April being Earth month, we are consistently reminded about our carbon footprint, consumers choices to help for the better of the planet, & always reminded about global warming & pollution.

In spite of all this buzz about the environment we are rarely reminded that harsh practices of agriculture results in the worlds largest in producing pollutants. According to research by the World Resources Institute agriculture is mankind’s biggest contributor to climate change, generating 26% of greenhouse gas emissions. Feeding the increasingly fast growing population is becoming to be unsustainable for our planet. This leaves the hunt to search for healthy, sustainable, yet scalable & profitable alternatives to our unsustainable food & agriculture sectors.

With the giant boom of interest in organics, organic food has enjoyed double digit growth in the past two decades & expected to grow to over 100 billion globally by 2015. Yet, unfortunately organic agriculture  in the US accounts for only 1% of all farmland today.

We cannot forever feed ourselves on fossil fuels, deforestation, & green house emissions. Today’s food and agriculture practices consume enormous amounts of fossil fuel for transportation, operation of farm machinery, and chemical production of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides: roughly 10 calories of fossil fuel go into every calorie of food we eat, representing 19% of all U.S. energy consumption.

Agriculture emits greenhouse gases with an order of magnitude worse global-warming potency than CO2, such as methane (from intensive livestock operations and rice fields) and nitrous oxide (from fertilizers and factory farm waste lagoons). Another agricultural emission, nitric oxide, is the main driver of the new acid rain that is killing forests and fish. Run-off of excess fertilizer from cropland and excess manure from factory farms is the primary cause of enormous aquatic dead zones in coastal waters globally, devastating marine life (and ironically, threatening human seafood supply). These marine dead zones in aggregate represent 95,000 square miles (about 20 times larger than the area impacted by last year’s BP oil spill).

One way to reduce the carbon footprint of our food is by eating locally & organic grown food, & reducing the fuel spent on transportation. Summer time is near which means heading down to your local farmers market and grabbing a delicious apple that actually tastes like an apple (weird right?). Start buying food that is made with locally sourced ingredients and made the way that food should be, free of chemicals, pesticides, & enzymes that speed up the natural process. We cannot feed ourselves forever on the current system. The time for developing more sustainable alternatives is right now.


Party for the Planet

April 17, 2011 Comments Off on Party for the Planet

Party for the Planet was a 2 day event that happened this past Friday & Saturday at the Plazma by Central City Mall in Surrey. The event was set out to be BC’s largest Earth Day celebration! It featured Canada’s first bike powered Main Stage, and the very popular first Green Zip line activity. There was something “Green” for everyone at this event, from visiting “landscape lane,” that demonstrated to the public how the city of Surrey specifically is promising to protect their urban forests. This also featured the backyard tree sale, where attendees were encouraged to purchase a tree and plant it in their backyard.

They also offered “Energy Avenue” where attendees could explore and learn about ways to be energy efficient! The city of Surrey engineering department has gained Council support to establish a District Energy Utility in Surrey. This utility will distribute energy in the form of hot and cold water for the purpose of heating and cooling and will begin operation in 2013 in conjunction with the completion of the utility’s first customer, the New City Hall.

A Bread Affair had the opportunity to participate in this new tradition as we were featured in “Agriculture Alley.” This part of the festival showed the public how farmers feed the cities! Our bread was sold in a market type style and sold out in record time. They City of Surrey also offered attendees to participate in: seed planting, cow milking, & tutorials on chicken farmers of BC.

We would like to thank the City of Surrey for putting on this fabulous event and we look forward to what Earth month has to bring next year!

Hot Buns

April 10, 2011 § 1 Comment

Hot, steamy, moist…cross buns coming to the shelves of A Bread Affair… soon. What more do I need to say? Who wouldn’t want to bite into the sensuous taste of hot buns. Stay tuned for the arrival of, straight out of the oven steamy buns, served and created for you, yes you and only you…

Wait…did we mention they’re made with fresh, local & organic ingredients? Now what’s stopping you from biting into hot buns?

Mars or Miche?

April 2, 2011 § 7 Comments

Mars or Miche…that is the questions? Comment on this blog post and be entered to win a free loaf of our wonderful French Country Miche. Yes it’s that easy to get your hands on a delightful, organic and mouth watering loaf.

Spring has Sprung!

March 26, 2011 Comments Off on Spring has Sprung!

We believe Spring is a time for change, a time for a new beginnings. That is exactly why this Spring we have introduced our new Sunflower Apple Seed Bread. This will bring you back to the warmth of the sunshine, bring you back to the time of simplicity of sitting on your porch sipping freshly squeezed lemonade.

This beautiful loaf incorporates the essence of fresh organic apples straight from the farms of Klippers Organic Acres to the crunchy goodness taste of sunflower seeds. By solely focusing on sourcing local, fresh and organic ingredients is the main factor in the quality of breads that we produce.

We will continue to source farms that strive to growing healthy food using organic methods. Klippers Organic Acres located in the beautiful Similkameen Valley, are a very diversified farm who care and mange the land responsibly. They grow an array of produce from peaches, apricots, nectarines, apples, onions, peppers, tomatoes, corn, and garlic. By making Organic sustainable farming a priority you can insure that when you are eating our new Apple Sunflower loaf you are tasting whole food goodness. Klippers Organic Acres also focuses on sustaining the environment through being energy efficient. When they were looking at building their new home in 2006 they researched natural energy and incorporated using geothermal energy for heating and cooling.

For more information on Klippers Organic Acres please check out their website: http://klippersorganics.com

Below you will find a picture of our new Sunflower Apple Bread. Come visit us in our store in Langley or at your local farmers market.

Happy Birthday to…Nikki!

March 19, 2011 Comments Off on Happy Birthday to…Nikki!

It was a fabulous Saturday afternoon, where miss young Nikki Watson was celebrating her birthday! She still hasn’t told us how old she is turning…always keeping secrets from us!

At about 11:16am Manuel (our amazing cleaner here at A Bread Affair) came up to me and whispered something in my ear. He said that a Mexican Band was coming to play songs for Nikki’s birthday and also sing Happy Birthday in Spanish.

Check out pictures to see the excitement that happened here at A Bread Affair.

Never a dull moment!


January 23, 2011 Comments Off on SO-UR-DO-UGH

The type of bread that you eat for breakfast can affect how the body responds to food for the rest of the day. Lets take this back to early civilization were people first discovered that soaking grain had nutritional and stimulating affects, but this was before they discovered sourdough or the fermentation technique for baking . In a fraction of time, bread was leavened naturally with airborne spores of sourdough culture. There fore leaving miraculous bread that turns out to be easily digestible.

Sourdough starter is made from water and grain flour, creating the environment and food for microorganisms to perform their magic. Now this seems all fine and dandy however what does it have to do with my health?

– Pre-digesting starches, making the bread more easily digestible

– Lowering insulin response/improving glucose tolerance

– Breaks down gluten easily

A study done at the University of Guelph tested bread tolerance on 10 male subjects who were overweight with ages ranging between 50 to 60 years old. The results showed the best results were after eating sourdough white bread. Even though they ate the bread in the morning the positive responses lasted even when they ate lunch and dinner. “With the sourdough, the subjects’ blood sugar levels were lower for a similar rise in blood insulin.” (Graham) While in the same study the whole-wheat bread caused blood sugar levels to spike and these high levels lasted into lunch.

Here at A Bread Affair we strive to bring you the finest ingredients all made naturally and sourced from local and organic ingredients. We rest assure you that our sourdough is at the utmost quality and hey this study is excellent news to us! It shows that our sourdough is proven to be a health benefit. So put your hands up for SO-UR-DO-UGH!


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