Organized Chaos

June 21, 2011 Comments Off on Organized Chaos

If you’re looking for an adventurous job, I have just the job for you. No, this is not about skydiving or mountain climbing but actually work in a bakery. We are a rapidly expanding bakery in which every day is a new challenge. We are the only certified organic artisan bakery in British Columbia. With this, the demand for our bread has sky rocketed. We produce a phenomenal product that takes two days to create and honestly the best bread you will ever have, period. So how does A Bread Affair keep up with the changing demands? With devoted staff members and a ton of hard work, of course! This is where I enter in. My name is Sam. I have worked at A Bread Affair for over two years. I started at the bottom and worked my way through the company and fell into the position of general manager. Sadly, I am heading out east for school and will have to find someone to fill my shoes. Like any developing business you have to work hard. You are working alongside people who are as invested in the company’s success as physically and mentally as possible and you must match their pace. You must work as equals alongside everyone. Departments would include pick pack and distribution, farmer’s markets, and front of house. Although the work may appear to be overwhelming the amount of support you receive from co-workers is tremendous. Problem solving is a daily tool that you would use, but being pro-active and recognizing problems before they occur is essential. Managing is a fine balance that must create an environment that works for everyone. This is a perfect job for recent university graduates. If you are interested in the experience of being a general manager for a growing company email me your resume at and let’s see if you can organize the chaos.


Cloudy Days

July 19, 2010 Comments Off on Cloudy Days

Today was a crazy busy day at the West End Farmers Market! Kat & Sam sold out a good hour before the market closed. This was in favor for the fabulous pair because they got to munch on the delicious addicting cherries from Snowy Mountain Organics. It was nice seeing the regulars and harassing them to buy our bread. The girls look forward to seeing all the regulars and new customers and their dogs on Saturday July 24th. Also looking forward to eating a delicious crepe….mhmmmmm!

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